Crowdsourcing for Projects In Action - #FirstResort

Crowdsourcing for Projects In Action - #FirstResort

NYC Icarus - Crowdsourcing for Projects In Action - #FirstResort

Join us at Bluestockings July 6th, 7pm for a multipart event around mad rights

This month NYC Icarus will host a multipart event highlighting Orlando, talking about the Murphy Bill and new viral campaign at 7pm at the Bluestockings Bookstore and Activist Center.

The Icarus Project is entering the wonderful, whimsical world of viral video. Join us as we present the beginnings of a video project centered around the question: How would you like to be treated when you are in emotional crisis?

Together we are going to be brainstorming, our shared and unique ideals on what true support looks like. Should you be so inspired to participate in the ‘video’ portion of this project, recording equipment will be available for use at the event.

Also included will be updates regarding the status of the Murphy Bill as well as space for sharing for our communities affected by the recent events in Orlando. Be sure to also stick around for an announcement regarding our July 9th picnic!

All NYC Icarus events try to create a space for Mad Making - where community members can self-organize their own peer-support groups.

Facebook Event: NYC Icarus - Crowdsourcing for Projects In Action

Event Graphic by: Nadya

Hope to see you there!

Mad love,

Icarus Project NYC…

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