A Madmaking Winter Social

A Madmaking Winter Social

NYC Icarus - A Madmaking Winter Social: Rebooting the Discussion Around NYC Peer Support

Join us at Bluestockings Wednesday Dec 2nd for a Mad Making Winter Social

The Icarus NYC Chapter is celebrating a successful year of Bluestockings events with a social centered around our most significant principles: Friends Make The Best Medicine.

NYC Icarus has long had a vision of small, self-formed peer-support groups organized according to various themes springing up all over the city. As described in the article (A small group of) friends make the best medicine, this model of organizing groups responds to the history of challenges NYC has faced with large, centralized traditional peer-support groups.

What better way to activate this vision with a little matchmaking… or as we like to call it: “mad” making? It’s like speed dating for the soul….but a lot less awkward and with refreshments. Through ensemble building games, arts and crafts, and a workshop of Icarus’s 2013 zine “Friends Make The Best Medicine”, we hope that our community will get to connect, form bonds, find common ground and most importantly HAVE FUN. Take a break from the holiday blues and join us for some madmaking on December 2nd at The Bluestockings Bookstore and Activist Center at 7pm.

Facebook Event: NYC Icarus - A Mad making Social:Rebooting the Discussion Around Peer Support

Event Graphic by: Kevix

Hope to see you there!

Mad love,

Icarus Project NYC