PEER SUPPORT: MDSG (Mood Disorders Support Group) NYC

PEER SUPPORT: MDSG (Mood Disorders Support Group) NYC

East Side Group: Fridays at 7:30pm

West Side Group: Wednesdays at 7:30pm

Bernstein Pavilion of Beth Israel Medical Center East

Between 15th and 16th st and between First and Second Ave

New York, New York


MDSG (Mood Disorders Support Group) NYC

MDSG’s support groups are our main resource. They provide a safe environment for participants to share personal experiences, thoughts, and feelings in small, confidential gatherings. Also known as discussion meetings or rap sessions, they are a friendly haven for the exchange of information and support.

A typical group will meet for approximately an hour and a half, although participants can leave early, if need be. Reservations are not required, members can come at their convenience. Our support groups are for people with bipolar disorder and depression, as well as the friends and family of those with these disorders. We also offer a group designed for people under 30. Meetings are held at two locations in Manhattan.

Group Categories

Support groups are lead by trained facilitators. We try to limit each group to a maximum of 12 people. Separate groups are available for: Newcomers: The first time someone comes to an MDSG support group meeting, we ask that they attend our newcomers orientation group for one time only, unless they belong to the 20-Something or Family and Friends groups

Unipolar: to discuss depression Bipolar: to discuss both depression and mania Family and Friends: for people closely connected to someone suffering from depression or manic-depression (see below for more)

20-Something Group: A group for those under 30, including teens,that discusses both unipolar depression and bipolar disorder

There have been many articles in past newsletters detailing the experience. Here is an article from the May 2000 newsletter describing the initial experiences of a new member (p.1), first with the newcomers group, then with the 20-something (formerly “youth”) group. Our April 2004 newsletter had an article on getting the most out of a group (p.6). And the August 2005 newsletter had an article titled, “Support Group Advice from the Folks in the Know” (p.6).

Anyone can attend an MDSG support group meeting. There is no need to be screened, approved or to make a reservation. For non-members, there is a suggested $5.00 donation. MDSG members can attend at no charge as a benefit of membership.