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A collection of thoughts, inspiration, mistakes, and other minutia.

Madness and Oppression

We've outlined a bunch of ideas to help you identify sources of oppression in your life that can help you place and deal with them.

Friends Make the Best Medicine

We've outlined a bunch of ideas to help you gather people together to start exploring all the brilliance and confusion we hold inside. We hope these suggesti...

Mindful Occupation

There is an urgent need to talk publicly about the relationship between social injustice and our mental health. We need to start redefining what it actually ...

Mapping Our Madness Zine

This zine was created by Momo as far as is known and is one version of a self care tool similar to a mad map or WRAP plan

Wax and Feathers Zine

This Wax and Feathers zine was a collaborative work by a group of super talented folks who post on the Icarus Project forums: 'In expressing our feelings, in...

Navigating Crisis Guide

This four-page handout was edited by Clarextina and Will and Icarus member contributors, drawing from material in Navigating the Space, and turned into a bea...