Building Resilience in Hard Times through T-MAPs

Building Resilience in Hard Times through T-MAPs

Building Resilience in Hard Times through T-MAPs

Join us at Bluestockings on March 1st, 7pm for an interactive event about how to create your own personal medicine

Transformative Mutual Aid Practices (T-MAPs) is an emerging set of community-developed workshops that provide tools and space for building a personal “map” of resilience practices and collective resources. In this 2 hour workshop, each participant collaborates with a small group to begin a personalized booklet (or “T-MAP”). These booklets are guides for navigating challenging times, coming back to what we care about, and communicating with the important people in our lives.

Through a mix of collective brainstorming, creative story-telling, and somatic practices, the group is guided through a process to develop greater personal wellness and to articulate commitments to collective transformation. We work together to envision, articulate, and build the world we want to live in now.

More About T-MAPs T-MAPs was initially inspired by advanced directives and related recovery tools for planning mental health treatment options in times of crisis. Our T-MAPs practice goes beyond the usually defined mental health concerns to articulate larger strategies, life-goals, and social visions that are helpful not just in times of distress but also in times of flourishing. Rather than approaching advanced directives as primarily a mental health practice, we turned it into a group practice of mutual aid, imagination, and envisioning new cultural possibilities. .

Resilience “is our individual and collective power, the place our power comes from, a source for our resistance, the foundation of our hope. We are fundamentally resilient and creative beings. Our resilience allows us to survive trauma and conditions of oppression and enables us to do the work to transform these conditions.” – Generative Somatics

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