Plant allies Workshop

Plant allies Workshop

NYC Icarus Plant Allies Workshop

Meet Our Plant Allies: Build Knowledge For Herbal Self Care

Presented by Christine and Stephanie.

Join us for an NYC Icarus workshop on herbalism. All are welcome to learn and share about experiences with plant allies in self care for mood and mind. We will be discussing herbal therapies and sharing resources. Whether you have worked extensively with plants or you are interested in learning ways to start, we will delve in together. Specific traditional uses of herbs and methods for making remedies will be introduced.

What is a tincture and how do you make one? How can I make my own flower essences? These questions and more will be answered. How have plants played a significant role in your ability to function in this mad world? We have a lot to teach each other via crowdsourcing, too!

We will end with a mixer and chance for folks to start a plant ally Icarus group. So make sure to sign-up for the mailing list at the event or email

In interspecial solidarity we trust! See you there!

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We are looking for organizers! Email us at if you are interested in helping us organize events.

Hope to see you there!

Mad love, Icarus Project NYC