Developing the People's DSM

Developing the People's DSM

Facilitated by Nikomeh Anderson and the Free Arts Festival.

Is your inner life really captured by the oppressive language of the DSM terminology? Do you feel like madness is a part of the human experience and want to influence how we conceptually think about it? Nikomeh Anderson expands on goals from the Building Collective Community Action event last month, to start developing together with community through a workshop of games and brainstorming a new glossary for the human inner experience, one that doesn’t frame everything in terms of medical pathology, one that acknowledges trauma and it’s effects, one that empowers people, and one influenced by those who feel oppressed by their diagnostic labels as they currently stand. This People’s DSM will be artistically explored in the event, as well as directly continuing to influence the arts and workshops being developed with Free The Arts Festival

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