Peer Specialists, We Must Breathe & Breaking the Binary Workshop

Peer Specialists, We Must Breathe & Breaking the Binary Workshop

Presented by Nikomeh and Kevin.

Part 1 with Nikomeh: Breathe with fellow humans in a guided meditation for collective healing and support. Then, an easy physical warm up for emotional well-being in the body, relaxation, and inner strength. We’ll then explore societal concepts of gender through physical and theatrical gender expression exercises and games. By playing with the binaries that society say are “man” or “woman” we can free up our own assumptions and truly redefine for ourselves what gender really is. All genders welcome and wanted. You’ll be most comfortable in un-restrictive clothes that you can move around in, and feel free to bring any “gendered” clothing that you’d like to swap/play with other people, or just bring yourself!

Part 2 with Kevin: Come learn about the Peer Specialist movement and workforce in New York City with Kevin Mark who’s been training at the Howie the Harp center in Harlem and is going to lead a discussion about his work as a peer inside and outside of the mental health system. Bring your questions for a good discussion! All peers are welcome, including those who are engaged in volunteer or paid positions. As well as those who identiy as consumer, survivors and ex-patients.

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