The NADA protocol and Building Collective Community Action

The NADA protocol and Building Collective Community Action

Presented by Jo Ann Lenney and Nikomeh Anderson.

The NADA Protocol Part One (30-40 minutes) Learn the very simple but profound technique of using a magnetic bead on each ear to help with everything from trauma recovery and healing, to quieting stress and anxiety, to relieving migraines and helping with general wellness. It helps kick in the body’s own healing system – it helps what needs helping.

Jo Ann Lenney has worked with Dr. Mike Smith, the founder of the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, NADA, for more than 20 years. Dr. Smith used the acronym NADA because is means “nothing” in Spanish. The NADA protocol is a simple Taoist-based concept of acting without acting. Taoist philosophy suggests that the name NADA is important, because in treating people we do a lot, maybe even too much, and we can forget that the rest of life is out there. Until you get out of things, you can get trapped by your own mind. NADA has to be simple because everything else is so complicated

Building Collective Community Action Part Two (60-80 minutes)

Join Nikomeh Anderson creative producer of Free The Arts Festival, an immersive, artistic, healing, educational festival focused on community building, empowering, and rallying in outdoor and non-traditional spaces, in a facilitated community conversation on the needs and resources of the radical mental health community, strategic planning on collective building, and power-mapping. Who do we want to collaborate with? Who are the organizations and individuals doing the radical work? How are we healing the disconnects in our diverse mental health community? Information about Free The Arts Festival, as well as opportunities in how to collaborate will also be presented.

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