Lived Through That: An Open Mic Celebrating Survival in 2016

Lived Through That: An Open Mic Celebrating Survival in 2016

Lived Through That: An Open Mic Celebrating Survival in 2016

Join us at Bluestockings on Jonuary 4th 7pm for an open mike celebrating our survival this year !

If you’re reading this right now, you survived 2016. Whether you’re bent out of shape and holding on by the skin of your teeth or are feeling cautiously optimistic on the edge of ‘17, it’s time to come together to say goodbye to this horrifying year and celebrate our collective resilience and vulnerability.

Join the Icarus Project -NYC for a lighthearted New Years Open Mic where we listen to each other’s stories and strain our eyes to see crisis as an opportunity for growth. Email to reserve a mic slot, or sign up in person the night of the event!

Shares are encouraged to be between 3-5 minutes to make time for everyone**. Ideas for shares include but are not limited to: Songs, Poems, Personal narratives, Love letters to Bowie, Diatribes on the intersection of neoliberal capitalism and the medical model of “mental illness,” Love letters to Prince, Rants about the 21st Century Cures Act, Acoustic covers of ‘Institutionalized,’ Thank-You Notes to your therapist, Hate mail to your therapist, Musings on being labeled insane in a world gone mad, Musings on the intersection of madness and oppression, Apocalyptic prophecies for a post-Trump world, Anti-fascist pop songs, Blueprints to escape the Matrix, Read-aloud from your dream journal, Manifestoes for the coming resistance, Display of visual art, Ted-talk style lectures on the power of positive thinking, Guiding the audience through a group meditation, Eulogies for friends and family we lost this year, Eulogies for strangers we lost this year, Short stories that imagine a world without prisons, Casting spells for 2017, Interpretive dance, Improvisational theater, and Beyond…

** Bluestockings respectfully requests that all event presenters use “trigger warnings” before presenting emotionally triggering materials. A standard trigger warning consists of an identification of the upcoming material as potentially triggering, followed by a brief categorization of the subject matter (e.g., “trigger warning: sexual violence against women,” or “trigger warning: child abuse”). This is not intended to censor presenters or deter them from sharing explicit or potentially triggering material, but to provide fair warning to those who need it, in order to remain a safe and welcoming space.

We will also celebrate each other through the holiday season, a season that stirs up many emotions and is often a time where many of us revisit complex family dynamics. You are not alone.

Call for organizers

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Hope to see you there!

Mad love,
Icarus Project NYC…